Deadly Lie a Letter From Heroin

Deadly Lie, A Letter From Heroin

Date Posted: 7th December 2017

Posted by: Kelly Kettle



I came upon you young & strong

Don't worry son, it won't take long

Just try me once and you will see

There's nothing out there quite like me

I'll make you soar, I'll make you fly I'll teach you the true meaning of high

Just five bucks, just try one cap

Now you've entered my deadly trap

Up your nose or in your vein

I've driven stronger men than you insane

Taste me, try me & you will find

That very soon I'll control your mind

You'll want to stop, you'll want to quit

But you'll come back for one more hit

Now try to stop and you'll be sick

There in lies my lethal trick

And once you're dangling on the string I can make you do most anything

You'll cheat & steal, grift & lie

Just to chase one more high

Call up my boys day or night

They'll make sure to get you right

Which one you call, I don't care

You can find me anywhere

On every street, in every town

Don't worry none, I'm always around

I've got your mind & next your heart

You'll love me then, never to depart

I've got you now, you're in the hole

Don't worry child I own your soul

Your family can keep your body for a while

But only when I'm around, they'll see you smile

You'll think you're happy, I'll keep you well

Just an FYI, I come from hell

To take your freedom and wreck your life

You feed me with your pain, sorrow & strife I eat all day, but never get my fill

And like your addiction, I never will Shove me in your body,

I'm good I swear I hope you don't find out that I don't care

Just one more shot to satisfy your crave

One day that needle will lead to your grave

As you lay six feet in the ground I want you to know,

I won't be around I left right after I watched you die

Just one more victim to my deadly lie



Written By: Steven Hallman

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