Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

Heroin Withdrawal can be hard, not just for the recovering addict, but for the family and others involved also.


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Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

Heroin Withdrawal can be hard, not just for the recovering addict, but for the family and others involved also. That's why we over here at Wings of Encouragement we have put together a timeline highlighting the symptoms and implications of a Heroin Withdrawal Timeline. Many experts estimate that over 80% of addicts are unable to completely give up Heroin.

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You are not alone, in fact there are over 1.5 million chronic heroin users in the US alone. If you know someone who needs help, please contact our friendly and non judgmental support team and they can get the help they desperately need.

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Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

  • Day One - Discomfort

    Within 24 Hours - Mild Symptoms Arrise

    Within 24 hours of Heroin withdrawal, you can expect the following symptoms:

    • Nausea (feeling of being sick)
    • Agitation
    • Heroin Cravings
    • A racing and elevated heart rate
    • Mild Anxiety
    • Hypertension
    • Inability to relax
  • Day Two - Anger

    Within 48 Hours - Anger & Symptoms Worsen

    Generally, Heroin addiction withdrawal peaks during the 48-72 period. Recovering addicts can expect the symptoms of withdrawal to be at their worst during this time and many users report severe anxiety, depression and even psychosis.

  • Day Three - Dissociation With Self

    Within 72 Hours - Risk of seizure, psychosis and relapse

    By now, over 80% of addicts would have relapsed and taken heroin again as the Heroin Withdrawal Timeline is at its peak for most users and have terrible withdrawal effects such as:

    • Severe or mild depression
    • Severe or mild anxiety
    • Dissociation - a 'lost' and 'empty' feeling that leaves many users feeling confused and disorientated.
    • Chest and muscle pains
    • Psychosis
    • Risk of seizure greatly increased - the withdrawal from such an addictive opiate can cause seizures for many which can cause respiratory problems and very rarely, death
  • After a week - A New and Happier Life

    Within One Week - Symptoms begin to fade & you start to adapt to a new life

    Good news! Within seven days the majority of the horrible withdrawal symptoms will have subsided. Your chances of quitting the drug for good have tripled since day three and you can now look to live a happy life without a Heroin Addiction.

    However, anxiety may persist and this is mainly due to your body adjusting to a new life without Opiates.

  • After a month - A new you

    Within One Month - More money, happiness & life

    By now the symptoms of the Heroin Withdrawal Timeline are non-existent. It is normal to crave Heroin and the feeling of being high for a while and these cravings may still persist. However, the cravings are few and fair inbetween now and you know that your new life without the need for Heroin is much more enticing than relapsing and ending back to square one.

"We estimate that Over 80 percent of heroin Users can't break the habit"

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