Steve’s Poem

Steve's Poem

Date Posted: 9th December 2017

Posted by: Kelly Kettle

Steve's Poem



Whether it is heroin, meth, crack or coke

Addiction's a killer, it's not a joke

We'd go each day chasing the high

Doing whatever it took, just to get by

It didn't matter, stealing and lying

Everyday another chance of dying

Another path is there, just look and see

What life could be like with sobriety

It's not always an easy path to walk

But what you find is truly a shock

A new sence of pride and self-respect too

Because once again you'll be the real you

Clear headed thoughts & a goal not a dream

Be prepared to work and build up your team

Everyday new challenges will appear

We're all here for you, so have no fear

We know what it's like, it's hard, it will suck

And sometimes you'll feel like you have no luck

Please ask for help, we're a phone call away

We want you sober, Just For Today


Written By: Steven Hallman

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