Two Tales of Addiction

Shallow Waves

Date Posted: 12th January 2018

Posted by: Kelly Kettle

Jana M

We go through times were we struggle, there is pain, doubts, and anger, maybe the I don't care's. We are living life on it terms, and we are human. It is normal to have these emotions, it is a problem if we stay there. It will make spiritually sick to stay there, hopefully we can talk to some one in recovery, hit a meeting, write it down, and pick up the tools, and pray. We have a choice to turn ourselves over to our Higher Power. When we get through times like this we grow, become stronger, and change. Thank God for the hard times, pain it the touch tone to all spiritual growth, and we can share this experience with another

Hello my name is Crissy G. I started on the journey of drug use 17 years ago. I started out with the small stuff and when that got to where it wasn't good enough I moved on to what I thought was bigger and better things. I was introduced to meth and I thought I was in heaven and life couldn't get any better.


In March 2009 I met a guy I thought hung the moon and was the best thing that had ever happened to me. By then my addiction grew very strong to the point I couldn't function without it. It had gotten so bad the boy friend taught me how to make it. About a year later life got more complicated because he became abusive and started cheating on me but he had me convinced that's what I deserved. July 19, 2012 the cops knocked on my door to serve an indictment on me. I had no clue what was going on cause in my mind i didn't do anything wrong. I got the paper work and read 2 felon counts trafficking a controlled substance.


My bond was lowered from $25,000 cash to $250 cash on September 6, 2012 and the judge gave me a two hour furlough in care of my father to go get money out of my bank account stop get an ankle monitor back to the jail to post my bond. October 18, 2012 I entered a guilty plea to 2 felony counts trafficking and was final sentenced to 10 years on 5 years paper and drug court. I entered drug court october 19, 2012. I attend meetings on a regular bases.


Have the most amazing sponsor a person could ask for and I am proud to say I am 10 days shy of being 18 monthd clean and sober. I know I could have never done this on my own and by the power and the grace of God I will continue 1 day at a time and live just for today!!!


Crissy G

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