Real Time Communication Can Save Lives

Real Time Communication Can Save Lives

Date Posted: 9th August 2017

Posted by: Kelly Kettle

How does a homeless alcoholic/drug addict go from sleeping behind a dumpster to running one of the world’s largest online communities? Well, it all started with a resentment. My name is Kelly Kettle, long story short, I went to a party at twelve years old. I ended up not coming home from that party until I was thirty eight. I didn’t always sleep behind a dumpster, as a matter of fact I came from a great home, with every opportunity available. I spent twenty six years feeling awkward and alienated, sober AND drunk, (yes I even felt that way sober) stuck in alcoholism and addiction, firmly believing my case was different. As my troubles seemed to pile up on me, and my bottoms had trap doors, I was on my way to the same fate as my mother, dying of alcoholism at thirty nine. I could spend all day telling you about those twenty six years and why I was resentful about all of the confusion and distractions in the world, but I’d rather get to some solution and the message of this project.


We want to focus on solution rather than the problem. We believe there are no stupid questions and want to provide a place where ANYONE (yes, families are encouraged to participate) struggling with addiction can feel safe to ask for help. There are so many different problems and challenges that people face in the world and we feel that online real time communication is right on time. Most of us going through these challenges feel like our case is different. With our current Facebook platforms we can not only reach people globally but also immediately. When someone decides to isolate inside their room or feels isolated in a crowded room, we are available to provide the support from someone who has gone through similar challenges, and has found a solution.


We are not solely focused on providing help, but also providing a place for people to archive “their story”. That means that we are not the only hand out for help, we are counting on you guys and gals to reach out and support each other in this closed net, safe community, making free support, available at all times. We know there is an ample amount of vital experience and knowledge amongst these support pages and the people behind them. A homeless man wandering the streets of Hong Kong or New York City may not have a blanket to keep him warm at night, but he DOES have a story. A story that can be helpful, globally. Experience is our greatest asset, rich or poor. We want these platforms to be as much for victories and milestones as well as trials and tribulations. This is a place where the homeless man can share his experience, strength, and hope with the grandmother, sitting in her mansion, watching her grandson die of addiction and feeling like she can do nothing. The stories may differ a little, but the feelings are often the same. And once again, rather than going through all of the problems, the solution is identifying with one another and supporting each other.


We don’t want these pages to be just random posters, we want very close and intimate communities utilizing real time communication with other struggling and recovering alcoholics/addicts and their families from around the world. Our goal is to create platforms, available 24/7, to everybody, where you can participate in finding fellowship, serenity, and hope all through this online community. We want to create a safe space for people who are struggling with addiction and their families to reach out and ask for help or be of service to others. Our community will help you recover in as many diverse and effective ways as possible, because reality is, 90% of alcoholics and addicts die in active addiction because they believe their case is different. No one is too stupid for recovery but many people feel they are too smart and unique (or at least they think so). And we don’t believe this will change unless we begin to identify with one another.


I strongly feel we are just scratching the surface of the platforms that Facebook makes available to us. Here we are transferring hope to one another in a place that truly, truly, feels hopeless.


If I died tomorrow, my only wish would be that we helped make these Facebook pages all that they could be and they continue to evolve. I firmly believe that communication is our best tool in making a leap towards bringing the world together.


I believe in miracles!

Sincerely with Love,

Kelly Kettle

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